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NEUP 09-788-Final Report NEUP 09-788-Final Report
Modeling Fission Product Sorption in Graphite Structures Reactor Concepts RD&D Dr. Izabela Szlufarsk...
5/22/13 8:31 AM 5/22/13 8:31 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-791-Final Report NEUP 09-791-Final Report
Project No. 09-791 Sharp Interface Tracking in Rotating Microflows of Solvent Extraction F l C l R&D...
1/9/13 9:53 AM 1/9/13 9:53 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-798 Final Report NEUP 09-798 Final Report
Verification & Validation of High-Order Short-Characteristics-Based Deterministic Transport Methodol...
12/20/13 9:59 AM 12/20/13 9:59 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-801-Final Report-Cover NEUP 09-801-Final Report-Cover
Project No. 09-801 Tritium Sequestration in Gen IV NGNP Gas Stream via Proton Conducting Ceramic Pum...
6/20/12 3:35 PM 6/20/12 3:35 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-803 Final Report NEUP 09-803 Final Report
Project No. 09-803 Identifying and Understanding Environment-Induced Crack Propagation Behavior in S...
12/18/12 9:21 AM 12/18/12 9:21 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-805-Final Report NEUP 09-805-Final Report
Project No. 09-805 Ionic Liquid and Supercritical Fluid Hyphenated Techniques for Dissolution and Se...
12/19/12 11:54 AM 12/19/12 11:54 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-806-Final Report NEUP 09-806-Final Report
Fundamental Understanding of Ambient and High-Temperature Plasticity Phenomena in Structural Materia...
11/20/13 12:55 PM 11/20/13 12:56 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-809-Final Report NEUP 09-809-Final Report
Project No. 09-809 Simulations of the Thermodynamic and Diffusion Properties of Actinide Oxide Fuel ...
4/18/13 2:42 PM 4/18/13 2:42 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-812-Final Report NEUP 09-812-Final Report
Multi-Scale Multi-physics Methods Development for the Calculation of Hot-Spots in the NGNP Reactor C...
5/23/13 9:53 AM 5/23/13 9:53 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-818 Final Report NEUP 09-818 Final Report
Simulations of Failure via Three-Dimensional Cracking in Fuel Cladding for Advanced Nuclear Fuels Fu...
1/15/14 9:05 AM 1/15/14 9:05 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-824 Final Report NEUP 09-824 Final Report
Utilization of Methacrylates and Polymer Matrices for the Synthesis of Ion Specific Resins Integrate...
1/16/14 2:46 PM 1/16/14 2:46 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-826 Final Report NEUP 09-826 Final Report
Understanding Fundamental Material Degradation Processes in High Temperature Aggressive Chemomechani...
1/16/14 2:46 PM 1/16/14 2:46 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-831 Final Report NEUP 09-831 Final Report
Non-Destructive Thermal Analysis and In Project No. 09-831 Non Destructive Thermal Analysis and In S...
11/26/12 1:39 PM 11/26/12 1:39 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-834-Final Report NEUP 09-834-Final Report
Advanced Models of LWR Pressure Vessel Embrittlement for Low Flux-High Fluence Conditions Reactor Co...
6/25/13 9:27 AM 6/25/13 9:27 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-835-Final Report NEUP 09-835-Final Report
Prediction and Monitoring Systems of Creep-Fracture Behavior of 9Cr-1Mo Steels for Reactor Pressure ...
12/2/13 9:04 AM 12/2/13 9:04 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-838-Final Report NEUP 09-838-Final Report
Modeling Stress Strain Relationships and Predicting Failure Probabilities For Graphite Core Componen...
9/10/13 11:05 AM 9/10/13 11:05 AM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-840 Final Report NEUP 09-840 Final Report
Investigation on the Core Bypass Flow in a Very High Temperature Reactor Reactor Concepts RD&D Dr. Y...
1/29/14 12:34 PM 1/29/14 12:34 PM Send Document Link
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