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Judge bio - Janie Hernandez Judge bio - Janie Hernandez
Bio Juanita (Janie) Hernandez I was born in Greeley, CO., into a family of migrant farm workers. Our...
3/18/10 3:34 PM 3/18/10 3:42 PM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Jayson Meline Judge bio - Jayson Meline
Jayson Meline Jayson recently moved his family to Idaho and is the new Director for the Latino Econo...
3/19/10 10:52 AM 3/19/10 10:56 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Jessica Sotelo Judge bio - Jessica Sotelo
Jessica Sotelo is the Executive Director of Partners for Prosperity, a nonprofit organization dedica...
3/19/10 10:51 AM 3/19/10 10:58 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Linda Lopez Judge bio - Linda Lopez
Education Bachelor in International Studies and Spanish Contact Information Idaho Latino Vote 16 12t...
3/13/10 10:57 AM 3/13/10 11:03 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Luis Carrillo.pdf Judge bio - Luis Carrillo.pdf
Work Title: Luis Antonio Carrillo Educational Planner/Advisor TRiO Educational Talent Search Educati...
3/13/10 10:58 AM 3/13/10 11:11 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Maria Mabbutt Judge bio - Maria Mabbutt
BIO María González Mabbutt María González Mabbutt was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of Te...
3/13/10 10:59 AM 3/13/10 11:12 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Marta Hernandez.pdf Judge bio - Marta Hernandez.pdf
Marta A. Hernandez M Ed. Educator Cassia County School District I was born in San Juan, Texas, to mi...
3/13/10 10:59 AM 3/13/10 11:13 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Pilar Ramirez Judge bio - Pilar Ramirez
Pilar Ramirez comes from a migrant family. She has been working for the Idaho Department of Labor fo...
3/19/10 10:51 AM 3/19/10 10:59 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Rick Lopez Judge bio - Rick Lopez
RICK LOPEZ No information provided Social Security Administration Just an amazing guy- what can I sa...
3/19/10 10:53 AM 3/19/10 11:00 AM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Sonia Martinez Judge bio - Sonia Martinez
Sonia Martinez is the founder a board member of the Latino Community and Economic Development Center...
3/18/10 3:35 PM 3/18/10 3:59 PM Send Document Link
Judge bio - Yvonne Perez Judge bio - Yvonne Perez
Yvonne Perez grew up in American Falls, ID. She attended Idaho State University and graduated with a...
3/19/10 10:50 AM 3/19/10 11:01 AM Send Document Link
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Applicant Spotlight Training
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