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09-821 NEUP Final Report 09-821 NEUP Final Report
Development of Alternative Technetium Waste Forms Fuel Cycle R&D Dr. Ken Czerwinski University of Ne...
1/16/14 2:45 PM 1/16/14 2:45 PM Send Document Link
09-822 NEUP Final Report 09-822 NEUP Final Report
Optimizing Neutron Thermal Scattering Effects in Very High Temperature Reactors Reactor Concepts R&D...
7/10/14 8:41 AM 7/10/14 8:41 AM Send Document Link
09-844 NEUP Final Report 09-844 NEUP Final Report
Removal of 14C from Irradiated Graphite for Graphite Recycle and Waste Volume Reduction Reactor Conc...
6/10/14 4:02 PM 6/10/14 4:02 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-764-Final Report NEUP 09-764-Final Report
An Innovative and Advanced Coupled Neutron Transport and Thermal Hydraulic Method (Tool) for the Des...
12/9/13 4:11 PM 12/9/13 4:11 PM Send Document Link
NEUP 09-765-Final Report NEUP 09-765-Final Report
Project No. 09-765 ALD Coatings on Gd2O3 Burnable Poison Nanoparticles and Carbonaceous TRISO Coatin...
11/26/12 1:38 PM 11/26/12 1:38 PM Send Document Link
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