Mountain West Water Institute Affiliated Researchers

MWWI has compiled brief bios of its researchers to promote collaboration between institutions. Currently Idaho National Laboratory researchers are the only researchers available in the system but it is anticipated that other MWWI affiliated researchers will be added to the system at a later time. Researcher can be searched by institution or by name. Information for each researcher includes:

  • Short Bio
  • Research Interests
  • Current Research Areas
  • Publications and/or Accomplishments

Click on a researchers name to access detailed information. For contact information for a specific researcher please contact one of the MWWI contacts on the "Contact Information" page.

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Earl Mattson
Idaho National Laboratory

Water-Related Research Interests

  • Understanding fluid flow and chemical/heat transport in porous media
  • Quantitative descriptions of subsurface processes, characterization, and porous media parameters of are based on laboratory and field testing. 
  • Examining water quantity and quality relationships with respect to energy development

Current Water Research Areas

  • Geothermal thermal tracer development and testing
  • SCCO2 water interaction in enhanced geothermal systems
  • Water quanity analysis using system dynamic modeling for oil shale retorts
  • Colloid transport through unsatured soil using a 2 meter centrifuge
  • Permeability changes in a proppant filled hydraulic fracture
  • Field and Laboratory tracer testing and analysis
  • Centrifuge studies of unsaturated transport
  • Fiber optic DTS
  • High temperature/pressure experimentation
  • Geomechanics analysis