INL's Pollution Prevention (P2) program oversees the recycling of office waste at INL. The goal of INL’s recycling program is to reduce materials headed for the landfill and the consumption of raw materials, while also meeting Executive Orders 13423 and 13514 and newly finalized DOE Order 436.1, "Departmental Sustainability" (dated 5/2/11).

There is currently a recycling initiative to introduce co-mingled recycling and paper shredding to all INL facilities. The first phase of INL’s recycling initiative was successfully rolled out to INL's town buildings during Fiscal Year 2009 and will be expanded to the Site facilities in the near future. The second phase of the initiative has now been expanded to the remaining Site facilities – Advanced Test Reactor Complex (ATR Complex), Central Facilities Area (CFA) and Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC).

Co-mingled recycling allows employees to recycle the following materials in a single container: plastics, aluminum, metal cans and assorted paper products (including newspaper, magazines, paperboard and corrugated cardboard).


All office paper collected for recycling at all INL facilities is shredded on-site by a shredding contractor, and then recycled. Shredding helps to ensure greater security when disposing of office paper, and also addresses export control concerns.


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