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Human Systems Integration

As instrumentation and control systems become more complex, so does the relationship between human operator and the system. Resilience finds its basis in the understanding and predicting of human behavior. INL researchers have long studied this issue and continue to examine ways to improve safety and security by producing better, more user-friendly designs. A reconfigurable control room test bed allows researcher to test performance and implement the latest in sensory and visualization design based on state of the art process simulation.

Facilities and Capabilities - INL relies not only on dedicated laboratories to study the interaction between machines and humans, but also on its functional, “real world” operating system environments.

Researchers - INL researchers have extensive experience in human systems integration and are known throughout the nuclear world for their work.

Accomplishments - INL researchers have published numerous technical papers and reports in human systems integrations and conducted several studies for the government, industry and others in this area.

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