Infrastructure Grants

The Office of Nuclear Energy recognizes that in order for U.S. universities to conduct cutting-edge research and educate the next generation of nuclear science and engineering students they need to be properly equipped.
Through NEUP, the agency funds infrastructure grants of up to $300,000 for equipment and instrumentation for research reactors, other specialized facilities, classrooms and laboratories, and non-reactor nuclear science and engineering research.
NEUP awarded about $6 million in infrastructure grants to 30 universities in 2009.

General Science Infrastructure Support FOA

Research Reactor Upgrades FOA

FY09 University Selection for Infrastructure Awards

University Equipment and/or purpose
Arizona State University Electron microscopy and material handling equipment upgrades for 3-D characterization of microstructure in surrogate fuel materials with depleted uranium
Boise State University Ion slicer for transmission electron microscopy sample preparation of nuclear materials
City College of New York Enhancement of the capability of reactor thermal-hydraulics and Safety Research Laboratory
Idaho State University Infrastructure support for analytical and health physics laboratory instrumentation
Kansas State University Reactor backup power supply, neutron survey meter, replacement control rod, and dosimetry equipment
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Core loop H2/O2, laser flash thermal diffusivity instrument, video camera, and viscometer
Monmouth College Enhancement of nuclear science education through purchase of new sources and detectors for nuclear physics courses
North Carolina State University Intense pulsed neutron source and gamma monitoring system to be integrated into the Reactor User Facility
Oregon State University Raman spectrometer, microscope, neutron imaging system, and neutron depth profiling system to provide improved analysis capability<
Pennsylvania State University Neutron detectors, computers for student lab enhancements.  Detectors, software, and pneumatic sample transfer system for radionuclear laboratory enhancements
Purdue University Laser, filters, spectrograph, gas cell, ion source, and sputter station
Rennesslaer Polytechnic Institute Electronic equipment to support neutron measurements, gamma spectroscopy, and dosimetry in teaching and research laboratories
Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC) Equipment to support a new counting classroom and remodeling the RINSC’s control room
South Carolina State University High-purity germanium detector and a multi-channel analyzer to complete development of an advanced undergraduate radiochemistry laboratory
Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A&M University Flow visualization laboratory to promote research in advanced reactor designs
University of Alabama X-ray diffractometer, glovebox, and computer equipment to provide infrastructure for solid state, solution, and theoretical actinide chemistry for the “Introduction into Radiochemistry” Curriculum
University of California, Berkeley Nuclear physics instrumentation and radiation detection equipment for nuclear physics and reactor safety teaching and research
University of California, Irvine Counting equipment, centrifugal contactor, and a particle size analyzer to develop the education and research and development programs
University of Colorado, Boulder Differential scanning calorimeter and thermogravimetric analyzer to perform nuclear science materials research
University of Florida Establish a fully digital control system for University of Florida training reactor
University of Idaho Establish medium-to-higher temperature material characterization capability
University of Maryland Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, gamma system, and a neutron generator to expand and enhance nuclear laboratories
University of Michigan Alpha/beta/gamma/neutron counting and spectroscopy equipment for use at Advanced Test Reactor User Facility to enhance its teaching and research capabilities
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Physical property measurement system and system upgrade for D8 advance x-ray diffraction for nuclear energy fuels research
University of Nevada, Reno Establish friction stir welding/processing facility
University of New Mexico Electronics and counting equipment for teaching laboratory
University of Texas, Austin Two gamma spectroscopy systems to expand research and teaching capabilities
University of Wisconsin, Madison Scanning electron microscope and neutron imaging equipment to facilitate research
Utah State University Transient mixed convection tunnel, particle image velocimetry camera, and heater plate models to support transient mixed convection facility