U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Issues Call for Proposals (CFP) for Nuclear Energy Program Supporting (PS) and Mission Supporting (MS) Research and Development (R&D)

Nuclear Energy University Programs seeks to align the nuclear energy research being conducted at U.S. colleges and universities with DOE’s mission and goals.    

University research funded through NEUP will enable R&D that facilitates meeting NE's programmatic objectives.  NE's strategic goals for nuclear energy are clearly defined within the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap (http://nuclear.gov/pdfFiles/NuclearEnergy_Roadmap_Final.pdf).

Research components covered by this CFP Fuel Cycle (FC) R&D, Reactor Concepts R&D, Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS), and Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies (NEET).

DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) announces the invitation of 85 universities who provided 245 pre-applications to submit full proposals for Program Supporting (PS) and Mission Supporting (MS) R&D. This solicitation is open only to those who previously participated in the Request for Pre-Applications (RPA) process. Submission demographics of the FY 2011 RPA are available by following the link below.

DOE's NEUP previously received 766 pre-applications from 105 U.S. universities. Pre-applications were reviewed for both program relevancy and scientific/technical merit and additional evaluation criteria identified in the RPA.

DOE expects to fund up to $44.7 million in nuclear energy research through NEUP in FY2011; $30.7 million in PS areas and $14.0 million in MS “Blue Sky” areas; although these funding estimates may be subject to reductions depending on the outcome of final Congressional appropriations for the NE program. The maximum project award for FY 2011 is planned to be $1.2 million for up to four years.

Full applications are due March 15, 2011, and must be submitted using the online NEUP submittal application to be considered for award.

FY 2011 NEUP R&D Call for Full Proposals (CFP) (Amended)

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View the 2011 R&D RPA Submission Demographics

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