Green Purchasing (Sustainable Acquisition)

Implementation of a green purchasing program, or specifically a Sustainable Acquisition program, is a requirement for all federal agencies, including INL. Green purchasing minimizes negative impacts to humans and the environment by: conserving natural resources; reducing energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste; closing the loop in the recycling process; minimizing the purchase of toxic and/or hazardous chemicals; and reducing general purchases by determining whether a product or service is really needed, or could be acquired for free through a materials exchange. In addition INL must comply with green purchasing requirements that are directed by federal laws, regulations and orders (Executive Order 13423 and newly finalized DOE Order 436.1, "Departmental Sustainability" (dated 5/2/11)). Specifically a Sustainable Acquisition emphasizes the purchasing of:

  • Alternative fuels and alternative-fueled vehicles
  • Energy-efficient products
  • Water-efficient products
  • Biobased products
  • Non-ozone-depleting substances
  • Recycled-content products 
  • Environmentally preferable products (i.e., green electronics)

A full list of the products that EPA, DOE, and USDA recommend for their environmental or energy attributes is compiled in the Green Products Compilation available at, (scroll down to "Supporting Information and Tools").

INL works to ensure that it meets Sustainable Acquisition requirements when purchasing items that fall into one of the designated categories. In addition, INL must report on Sustainable Acquisition purchases of designated items at the end of each fiscal year.


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