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Tedd E. Lister

Materials Properties and Performance
Idaho National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-2218
Phone: (208) 526-4320
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Current Projects

  • Mediated electrochemical synthesis of energetic materials - The synthesis of 2,2-dinitropropanol from nitroethane has been achieved using ferro/ferricyanide as a mediator to perform oxidative nitration of nitroethane. This is a collaboration between Idaho National Laboratory researchers Bob Fox and myself with ATK Launch Systems. This project is moving to pilot plant-scale synthesis to be performed at the ATK Utah facility. The process has demonstrated lower waste and better utilization of chemicals.

  • Microelectrodeposition for preparation of mass spectrometry samples - This work is collaboration with the mass spectrometry group. Deposition of small amounts of material not only reduces sample requirements but also improves sample transfer through the ion optics of a mass spectrometer. This work has wide-ranging applications in non-proliferation and geological dating.

  • Corrosion studies of materials used in spent nuclear fuel storage - Specific work on neutron-absorbing alloys such as the Ni-Cr-Mo-Gd alloy developed at the Idaho National Laboratory. Corrosion studies for these neutron-absorbing alloys have considered environments possible inside failed waste containers for long-term storage applications. This work is important to validate the safety case for long-term waste storage.

  • Research Interests

  • Electrodeposition

  • Micro-electrodeposition preparation for isotopic analysis

  • Site-specific electrodeposition of new materials

  • Use as a method of selective chemical removal or detection in natural waters

  • Electrosynthesis

  • Green electrosynthesis of energetic materials

  • Surface probes for analysis and manipulation of surfaces

  • Scanning electrochemical microscopy to measure or perform surface reaction under solution

  • Scanning probe microscopy of surfaces to determine topology or specific physical properties

  • Electrochemistry to meet future energy needs

  • Reactivity of surfaces to improve conversion issues

  • Materials to improve storage of energy

  • Corrosion

  • Long-term stability of man-made materials and how to predict the lifetime of materials using small time periods

  • Relating corrosion testing standards to actual service conditions

  • Understanding mechanisms of localized corrosion.

  • Education

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory, 1997-2000

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Utah State University, 1996-1997

  • Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Georgia Athens, 1996

  • B.S. Chemistry, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 1991.

  • Patents

  • Tedd E. Lister and Robert V. Fox, Methods for Performing Electrochemical Nitration Reactions, Patent Pending, Submitted 08/09/07.

  • Ronald E. Mizia, Richard N. Wright, William D. Swank, Tedd E. Lister, and Patrick J. Pinhero, Materials Modifications to Composite Neutron Absorbing Coatings, Patent Pending, Submitted 12/17/05.

  • Ronald E. Mizia, Richard N. Wright, William D. Swank, Tedd E. Lister, and Patrick J. Pinhero, Neutron Absorbing Coating for Criticality Control, Patent 7,286,626.

  • Selected Publications

  • Lister, T.E. and R.V. Fox, "Electrochemical Synthesis of 2,2-dinitropropanol," Journal of Applied Electrochemistry (Accepted)

  • Mizia, R.E., T.E. Lister, P.J. Pinhero, T.L. Trowbridge, W.L. Hurt, C.V. Robino, J.J. Stephens, and J.N. DuPont, "Development and Testing of an Advanced Neutron-Absorbing Gadolinium Alloy for Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage," Nuclear Technology, 155, 133 (2006)

  • Lister, T.E.ster, R.E. Mizia, P.J. Pinhero, T.L. Trowbridge, and K. Delezene Briggs, "Corrosion Properties of NiCrMoGd Structural Neutron Absorbing Alloy," Corrosion, 61, 706 (2005)

  • Lister, T.E., P.J. Pinhero, T.L. Trowbridge, and R.E. Mizia, "Localized Attack of a Two-Phase Metal, Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Studies of NiCrMoGd Alloys," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 579, 291 (2005)

  • Lister, T.E. and P.J. Pinhero, "Microelectrode Array Microscopy: Investigation of Dynamic Corrosion Behavior of Localized Corrosion at Type 304 Stainless Steel Surfaces," Analytical Chemistry 77, 2601 (2005)

  • Boxley, C.J., H.S. White, T.E. Lister, and P.J. Pinhero, "Electrochemical Deposition and Reoxidation of Au at Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite. Stabilization of Au Nanoparticles on the Upper Plane of Step Edges," Journal of Physical Chemistry, B 107, 451-458 (2003)

  • Lister, T.E., R.N. Wright, P.J. Pinhero, and W.D. Swank, "Corrosion of Thermal Spray Hastelloy C-22 Coatings in Dilute HCl," Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 11, 530 (2002)
  • Lister, T.E. and P.J. Pinhero, Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of Corrosion Dynamics on Type 304 Stainless Steel," Electrochemistry and Solid State Letters, 5, B33 (2002)

  • Lister, T.E. and P. J. Pinhero, "In-vivo Atomic Force Microscopy of Surface Proteins within Deinococcus Radiodurans," Langmuir, 17, 2624 (2001)

  • Lister, T.E., Y. Chu, H.You, J. Mitchell, R. Yonco, and Z. Nagy, "Cathodic Activation RuO2 Single Crystal Surfaces for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 554-555, 71 (2003)

  • Lister, T.E., Y. Chu, W. Cullen, H. You, R.M. Yonco, J.F. Mitchell, and Z. Nagy, "Electrochemical and X-ray Scattering Study of Well Defined RuO2 Single Crystal Surfaces," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 524-525, 201 (2002)
  • Chu, Y.S., H. You, T.E. Lister, J. Mitchell, R. Yonco, and Z. Nagy, "Commensurate Water Monolayer on Rutile RuO2(110): A Surface X-ray Scattering Study With Electrochemical Reduction/Oxidation," Physical Review Letters, 86, 3364 (2001)

  • Chu, Y.S.,  H. You, J.A. Tanzer, T.E. Lister, and Z. Nagy, "Surface Resonance X-Ray Scattering: Core-Electron Binding-Energy Shifts of Pt(111) Surface Atoms during Electrochemical Oxidation," Physical Review Letters, 83, 552 (1999)

  • Granger, M.C.,  J. Xu, T.E. Lister, and G.M. Swain, T"he Use of Conductive and Semiconductive Diamond Thin Films in Electrochemistry," invited A-page article for Analytical Chemistry. 69, 591A (1997)

  • Lister, T.E. and J.L. Stickney, "Atomic Level Studies of Se Electrodeposition on Au(111) and Au(110) Surfaces," Journal of Physical Chemistry, 100, 19576 (1996).
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