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Facilities and Capabilities

ICIS has a range of research facilities and test beds dedicated to sensors, control and intelligent systems research. The laboratory offers a variety of test beds for control system research, which can be utilized for complex evaluation of control system designs for cyber security, advanced control and operational verification and validation. Sensor test beds provide a unique capability for meeting both the evolving physical security needs of our society and the next generation of reactor designs. ICIS has several robotics test beds, which provide research in industrial robotics and intelligent designs for the military and government authorities. This core capability extends to unmanned air vehicles (UAV) designs, where designers have access to an isolated airfield with full radio spectrum authority and authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing UAV operation. Because of the complexity of control system designs and the sheer level of information, advanced computing facilities support 3D human factors design for prioritized and efficient interfaces to nuclear facilities.

  • Safeguards and Control System Security - Autonomous and advanced safeguards and control system security architecture, allowing greater stability and reliability in the face of abnormal conditions, whether process or cyber security related.
  • Sensors - Specialized sensors and sensing systems that are designed to monitor critical infrastructure and withstand demanding environments, such as will be recognized in next-generation nuclear power plants and in existing materials and test reactors, and harsh environments for non-nuclear applications.
  • Intelligent Automation - On-line condition monitoring and prognostics, observational platform design, and advanced supervisory and predictive controls for reliable, efficient and safe operation of industrial and nuclear facilities.
  • Human Systems Integration - Research to advance human-centered design and operation of complex systems, considering the human interaction with the process in its various forms, including visual, audible and touch.
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems - Integrating sensor technology, resilient control systems, intelligent automation and human-systems design for advanced robotic applications.

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