Idaho National Laboratory Biological Systems

Research Staff

The INL Biological Systems department employs a workforce of highly talented scientists, including microbiologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, geochemists, hydrologists, and chemical engineers

John E. Aston, Ph.D. His research interests include the use of extremophilic microorganisms for the biotransformation of organic contaminants, immobilization of metals, and the production of value-added products. He is also interested in using metabolic modeling as a tool to better predict material and energy flows in microbial systems. 208-526-1851

Joni M. Barnes M.S. Her expertise includes the isolation and cultivation of microbes, biodegradation of environmental contaminants and instrumental analysis, including chromatography, spectroscopy, and light and laser confocal microscopy. Her work has included the investigation of microbial degradation of chlorinated solvents, studies of microbially catalyzed metal reduction, development of biological sensors and biological production of hydrogen. 208-526-0756

Mary Bingham She keeps the laboratories running smoothly. 208-526-1282

Cynthia Breckenridge, B.S. Primary areas of research include working with acidophiles in Biomining and developing Bioprocessing techniques in Biomass recovery and conversion research. 208-526-4547

Debby F. Bruhn, M.S. Primary research has focused on microbial ecology of extreme environments, biohydrometallurgy, and biocorrosion in irradiated environments. 208-526-1941

Julie Cooper She handles correspondence, records, procurement, and too many other duties to name for the researchers and management team. 208-526-9928

Dayna L. Daubaras, Ph.D. Her areas of expertise are biotransformations of pharmaceutical drug intermediates and biochemical assay development for antimicrobial drug discovery. Present research activities involve characterization of enzymes derived from extremophilic microorganisms. 208-526-7152

Karen Delezene-Briggs. Karen is currently involved in bio energy research, including laboratory analysis of biomass, compositional analysis and enzyme assays. 208-526-9477

Sandra Fox, M.S. Primary focus includes oil field microbiology, surfactant and polymer producing organisms, and thermophilic organisms. 208-526-4985

Yoshiko Fujita, Ph.D. Her primary research focus is biogeochemistry in subsurface environments, in particular the coupling between biological, chemical and physical processes, and impacts of such coupling on contaminant fate and transport. Other interests including characterization of microbial activity and the identification of metabolic products and intermediates.

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