Idaho National Laboratory Biological Systems

Extremophile Research

Idaho National Laboratory researchers are at the cutting edge of extremophile microbial systems research. We have developed capabilities to effectively culture microbes under a variety of extreme conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, high and low pH, and high salinity. Investigators are studying the biochemistry, genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and physiology of these microbes for their application to U.S. energy and national security needs. These applications include enzymes with thermoacidophilic properties and potential.

Fact Sheets

Extremophile Microbiology (1021kb pdf)

Microbial Metabolic Systems (826kb)

Ultrastable Catalase Enzyme from Yellowstone Bacteria (1213kb pdf)

Xtreme Xylanase Discovery Aims to Revolutionize Biorefineries (1340kb pdf)


Biomass Conversion

Idaho National Laboratory researchers are heavily involved in biomass feedstock and conversion research. We support the goal of the U.S. and global interests in efficient production of chemicals and fuels from agricultural residues, dedicated energy crops and sustainable wood reserves. Our work includes engineered plant strains and cultivars, microbially-catalyzed changes in biomass during wet storage, as well as identification of unique catalytic agents and microbial enzyme systems for use in future integrated biorefineries to minimize or eliminate the use of petroleum-based fuels.   

Fact Sheet

Xtreme Xylanase Discovery Aims to Revolutionize Biorefineries (1340kb pdf)

Natural Adhesives

Principal investigators at the Idaho National Laboratory are examining natural adhesive systems at the molecular scale and designing, producing and evaluating recombinant proteins for improved adhesion. These new natural adhesives bond with more strength and to a wider range of materials than traditional adhesives, and they do so in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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Natural Adhesive Systems (2077kb pdf)

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