DOE News Release
Thursday, March 22, 2007

Media Contact: John Walsh, (208) 526-8646

Diesel spill at INL Site; cleanup under way

A diesel fuel spill at Idaho National Laboratory's (INL) Central Facilities Area that occurred today was contained immediately and a safe cleanup process is under way.

The spill occurred when a supply tank for a portable boiler used to provide temporary heat overflowed. The spill was stopped and the boiler placed in a shutdown mode.

Initial calculations are that the spill was about 3,900 gallons, but an exact amount has not been determined.

The environmental impact will be assessed and remediation at the spill site has begun.

No one was injured in the incident and an investigation is under way to determine exactly how the overflow occurred.

The spill occurred near CFA Building 688 on the INL reservation, about 42 miles west of Idaho Falls.


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