INL News Release
January 18, 2006

John Walsh, (208) 526-8646, (in Idaho Falls)

INL bus involved in accident on Highway 26

An Idaho National Laboratory shift bus traveling toward Blackfoot on Highway 26 was involved in an accident shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday. The bus driver received cuts and bruises and was transported to Bingham Memorial Hospital for further evaluation. The six bus passengers were checked by medical personnel at the scene and found uninjured.

The bus was hit in the left front section by an oncoming dump truck and went off the road. Idaho State Police is investigating the accident.

The six bus passengers were put on another INL bus to continue on to Blackfoot and then Pocatello.

The damaged INL bus, which is safely off the highway at this time, will need to be towed to the INL Site garage when road conditions improve and a tow truck can be safely dispatched to the scene.

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