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Aug. 29, 2006

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INL's McFarlane elected to International Nuclear Energy Academy

Continuing a tradition of high honors and far-reaching influence, one of Idaho National Laboratory's lead engineers, Harold McFarlane, Ph.D., was elected to the membership of the International Nuclear Energy Academy (INEA).

This distinction followed McFarlane's election as president of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), the nation's pre-eminent, 10,500-member professional association for nuclear-related professionals.

INEA is a group of prominent, experienced scientists, engineers and related nuclear energy specialists who conduct studies, discussions and develop recommendations for the international nuclear community on various generic nuclear energy issues. Academy membership is limited to 100 distinguished individuals from around the world.

"I am humbled by my election because there are so many great candidates, but there can only be a handful of members from even the most developed nuclear countries," said McFarlane.

McFarlane is the deputy associate laboratory director for Nuclear Programs and the director of the Space Systems & Technology Division at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). He has been at INL for more than 30 years and has led or assisted in leading various divisions of nuclear, applied, technology engineering and physics.

INEA is a virtual organization that meets only two times annually with proceedings embedded in larger nuclear-related gatherings, such as their next meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference in Vienna in September.

The objective of the INEA is to underpin the development and utilization of the peaceful application of nuclear energy in a safe and economic manner throughout the world through its status as a learned society.

McFarlane's duties at INL will remain a heavy load in addition to his role as ANS president. His responsibilities as a member of INEA will include more intense collaboration with nuclear related professionals across the world focused on addressing the needs of the future of nuclear energy worldwide.

"Because of the opportunities that I have had at INL, I know many of the INEA members from highly developed countries," said McFarlane. "Participating in the INEA meetings will allow me to hear the perspectives from the less developed and rapidly developing countries."

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