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Dec. 20, 2006

John Walsh, 526-8646

INL infrastructure director accepts new assignment

The Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) today announced that Carol Johnson, director of Infrastructure Optimization, Integration and Planning at Idaho National Laboratory, has accepted a senior leadership position with Washington Group International in the United Kingdom where she will support the company's business development and planning efforts. Washington Group International is a member of the BEA team.

Johnson, a Washington Group employee, has been a member of the Battelle Energy Alliance senior leadership-management team since BEA assumed the contract in February 2005. Prior to her BEA position, Johnson served as a senior operations advisor to the Operations Directorate at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Johnson described her tenure at Idaho National Laboratory as " honor and privilege to have worked with people and a team that is extraordinary." She added that "while I'm excited about the new opportunity to support the Washington Group in the United Kingdom, I do regret leaving INL when transformation is progressing and the future for the lab is bright."

Laboratory Director John Grossenbacher congratulated Johnson on her selection and commented that "Carol has provided invaluable vision for the growth of Idaho National Laboratory as well as a high standard of professionalism. She has clearly contributed to the future success of this laboratory".

BEA officials indicate that a search for Johnson's successor will begin immediately.

BEA operates Idaho National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.


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