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July 20, 2010

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Modeling, Experimentation and Validation Summer School returns to Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS — Nuclear summer school will soon be in session.

The Modeling, Experimentation and Validation (MeV) Summer School at the Idaho State University (ISU) Center for Higher Education runs from July 20 to 29. It will feature lectures from experts in nuclear engineering and safety analysis. Professional nuclear engineers and college students come from all over the world in order to participate in the 10-day school.

Idaho National Laboratory — in conjunction with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, ISU, Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory — will be hosting the school in Idaho Falls. This will be the second year for the MeV Summer School, and the second year that INL has hosted it.

Forty-three students are signed up for MeV this year. A couple of the students who participated last year are returning. They will act as mentors for the new students, helping guide them through the process of developing their team projects, which will be evaluated on the last day of the school.

This year, MeV falls only weeks after the U.S. Department of Energy announced its creation of a multidisciplinary Nuclear Energy Modeling and Simulation Energy Innovation Hub, led by Oak Ridge and supported by universities, industry partners and other national labs including INL. The hub will be called the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL). The school's focus is very similar to what CASL will be doing, and one member of the consortium will give a presentation during the school.

"It's a really nice link," said Kimberlyn Mousseau of the MeV secretariat and deputy division director of Nuclear Science & Engineering at INL.

The school will be held at Argonne National Laboratory next year, she said.

For more information on the school, visit

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