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May 20, 2009

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Southern Idaho schools receive INL grants for K-12 projects

Idaho National Laboratory has awarded nearly $100,000 in grants to teachers across the state to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in grades K-12.

The lab’s Mini Grant program provides teachers up to $2,000 per proposal for classroom equipment, materials and professional development projects. More than 40 grants have been awarded this year to support innovative STEM projects throughout Idaho. Twenty grants went to southern Idaho teachers.

For the first time this year, INL also awarded two $10,000 Science Laboratory Grants to Idaho schools to either establish or upgrade a chemistry or physical science laboratory. This year’s recipients are Kuna Middle School and Butte County High School in Arco.

Grant applications are evaluated by a panel of judges based on specific criteria. Teachers are required to provide information on how learning objectives and curriculum concepts will be enhanced and how the project or program will bolster student interest and achievement.

The following is a list of the 2009 Mini Grant recipients in Southern Idaho.

Sue Peck, Liberty Elementary School, $1,945 to purchase materials for students to build and tend a “Liberty Garden”
Chris Taylor, Liberty Elementary School, $403 to purchase kits for students to design, construct, test and analyze model rockets
Brandon Hampton, Les Bois Junior High, $2,000 to buy tools to upgrade the school’s technology and engineering laboratory
Linda Stokes, Collister Elementary School, $2,000 for materials to build roller coasters, mouse trap cars and bridges to enhance engineering and math instruction
Richard Whittaker, Collister Elementary School, $960 for a hands-on study of rocketry and flight
Kenneth Hosier, St. Ambrose Christian High School, $1,970 to buy light boxes and optic sets for physics experiments
Teresa Reeves, Adams Elementary School, $1,000 to participate in the Idaho SySTEMic professional development initiative to encourage STEM interest and literacy

Bruneau: Connie Prow, Rimrock Junior High School, $2,000 to buy lab equipment and materials to enhance physical science, chemistry, math and technology instruction

Eagle: Alison Ruoff, Eagle Hills Elementary School, $2,000 to purchase interactive technology equipment to improve math, science and reading skills

Emmett: Vana Richards, Carberry Intermediate School, $1,700 for a cross-curricular study of music, science and literature

Marsing: John Lindley, Marsing High School, $2,000 to purchase equipment to enhance physics instruction

Melba: Carmen Larrinaga, Melba Elementary School, $1,568 to buy Logiblocs for hands-on, electronics and technology instruction

Joseph Wax, Rocky Mountain High School, $1,992 to buy eight digital logic boards for students to learn how to design, prototype and test circuits
Coleen Phelps, Rocky Mountain High School, $1,980.45 to purchase Pasport Probeware for inquiry-based instruction on energy transfer and alternative energy
Tanya Gabrielson, Centennial High School, $1,959.95 for robot packs and software to teach students robotics and programming skills
Jeremy Whitman, Meridian Academy, $2,000 for materials and tools to design and create water-conserving landscaping for the Meridian School District
Cyndi Gallas, Lowell Scott Middle School, $2,000 to purchase a set of radio frequency clickers to help improve students' math skills

Murtaugh: Wallace Blacker, Murtaugh Middle/High School, $2,000 to purchase digital microscopes to improve biology and life science classes

Amy Vitek, Nampa Christian Middle School, $1,994 for “360 Degrees of Bee Keeping,” a project involving the biology and keeping of honey bees
Monique Gafford, Lone Star Middle School, $1,805 to buy lab equipment for earth science experiments and analysis

Funding for the INL Mini Grant and Science Laboratory Grant programs comes from Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA), which operates INL for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Idaho National Laboratory is dedicated to research and development in support of DOE’s mission to discover the solutions to power and secure America’s future.


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