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May 15, 2008

Keith Arterburn, 208-526-4845,

Work for Others program delivers nearly $600 million to INL

IDAHO FALLS -- More than half of a billion dollars was brought in by the Work For Others (WFO) program during Fiscal Year 2007, establishing a new record for Idaho National Laboratory.

The WFO program brings in work approved by the U.S. Department of Energy and performed directly for federal agencies and private institutions when they are unable to reasonably acquire the capability elsewhere.

For more than 50 years, INL has provided work-for-others customers with technical expertise, engineered prototypes and advanced field training to meet our nation’s energy goals and national and homeland security challenges. The laboratory’s growing WFO contracts support the federal departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security, and private industry partners in research fields ranging from nuclear materials to critical infrastructure protection to nuclear nonproliferation.

“INL has attracted significant work during the past year because of its special capabilities and unique platforms that support activities that can only be carried out at our facilities,” said Elizabeth Sellers, manager of the Department of Energy’s Idaho Operations Office.

Tom Harrison, INL’s director of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, said, “WFO is growing rapidly at INL and we are pleased to apply our expertise and capabilities in solving the most difficult technical problems facing our government and industry.

“Federal agencies and a growing number of customers, including public/private corporations, industry and universities, are contracting work through INL’s WFO program at an accelerated rate,” Harrison said. “Key successes highlight specialized capabilities at INL and the skills of researchers and engineers, which account for more than $597 million of business.”

INL is streamlining the WFO process for faster customer service and more complete work planning. One example is a new Technical Services Agreement for low-risk/dollar WFO projects.

Read an overview here of INL’s recent work-for-others achievements and endeavors in the fields of nuclear energy research, national and homeland security, clean energy and renewable energy research, education and other technologies.

Read the Work For Others fact sheet here.


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