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Since June 2006, many INL employees, along with their friends, have made a difference in their communities by volunteering their time, energy, and resources to more than 200 team INL projects.

Team INL

Team INL is a program in which volunteers make a positive difference in our communities.

Any INL/BEA employee can organize and lead a Team INL project to provide community service to area nonprofit organizations.

Volunteers can be recruited from family members, neighbors, youth groups, retirees, colleagues or area businesses.

Project ideas are submitted by an INL/BEA employee who is willing to serve as the "project director." The idea is reviewed by the Team INL Advisory Committee for adoption into the program. Once the project has been approved, the project director coordinates each project and serves as a liaison between Team INL volunteers and the nonprofit organization.

Team INL projects are selected from areas representing our corporate citizenship priorities -- arts and culture; civic and community; education; and health and human services. Team activities may be ongoing or short-term, one-time event projects. There is a modest budget to support necessary expenses for each project. Also, 10 to 12 T-shirts will be provided for the Team INL volunteers to wear and keep.

The Team INL program coordinator is Lori Priest. Contact information is:

Idaho National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3760
(208) 526-9154
(208) 526-2089 (fax)
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How Can Team INL Help?

If you know of a project that could use help from Team INL, please complete and submit the Team INL Project for Consideration form. When describing the project, be as specific as possible so INL employees will know what the project entails. If you have any immediate questions or problems, please e-mail Lori Priest for assistance.

When you submit a project for consideration, the information will be posted on a bulletin board on an internal Team INL Web site available for viewing by INL employees. They determine if they want to organize a team to work on your project. Please keep in mind there are no guarantees that your project will be selected. Team INL is a voluntary employee program. An employee decides whether to "champion" it (i.e., become the project director for it).

Once a project has been selected, an internal review process will be conducted. The Team INL Advisory Committee reviews proposals on the first Thursday of each month. Team INL Project Coordinator Lori Priest will contact the project director regarding the decision about the specific proposal. If the project is approved, the project director will contact you and work out details to complete the Team INL project.

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