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Autonomous Characterization

The INL has developed the capabilities described in the "Autonomous Behaviors" section as a means to address the challenges described above. The INL is now working to apply this capability in the field on actual Decontamination and Decommissioning tasks. At INL , there are 34 contaminated buildings, which must be entirely dismantled this year alone. To help with this prodigious task, the INL is working to interface a Gamma Locating Device onto one of our intelligent robot platforms so that it can be used in the near term. The robot must be able to enter an unknown building, autonomously explore the environment and utilize its mapping and localization capabilities to generate a floor plan of the building. As this map is built in real time, it will be overlaid with radiation levels fed into the robot’s computer from the Gamma Locating Device. The result will be a tool that accomplishes in hours what has typically taken months of planning and required significant human exposure.

dynamic-autonomy control interface INL’s dynamic-autonomy control interface.

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