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Reconfigurable Mobile Manipulation for Urban Reconnaissance

Robot opening a door Robot opening a door
Door Opening Demonstration — 2.1MB WMV (music playing in background)

Item Pickup Demonstration — 9.9MB MPEG (audio text — The main purpose of this experiment is to demonstrate integration of multiple systems. Systems like UT Robotics Research’s OSCAR, INL’s mobility software, ARCSecond’s indoor GPS system, Schunk’s Powercube system, and the iRobot ATRV. The first step is to locate the object of interest using the IGPS wand. (tires squeaking))

The purpose of this effort is to extend the scope and functionality of the INL Robot Intelligence Kernel from an architecture focused on intelligent platform mobility to one that encompasses a variety of platform-independent, reconfigurable manipulation capabilities for applications from scanning arms for countermine operations to modular manipulators for specialized maintenance applications. The goal is to grow the suite of autonomous behaviors and tasking tools that are included in the Robot Intelligence Kernel, extending from information gathering to functionality that can meaningfully affect the environment around the robot. With this goal in mind, technical efforts have begun to tackle basic tasks including autonomously opening doors and retrieving objects within cluttered environments.

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