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Verification and Validation

The systems engineering process of Verification and Validation requires early planning with increased allocation of resources early in the development process. Verification methods can generally be broken into four categories:

  • Inspection - To examine visually or use simple physical measurement techniques to verify conformance to specified requirements.
  • Analysis - A quantitative evaluation of a complete system and/or sub-systems by review / analysis of collected data.
  • Demonstration - To prove or show, usually without measurement or instrumentation, that the project/product complies with requirements by observation of results.
  • Testing - A measurement to prove or show, usually with precision measurements or instrumentation, that the project/product complies with requirements.

Other verification methods may include modeling / simulation (which is a form of Test, Demonstration, and Analysis).

INL system engineers specialize in helping projects through the Verification and Validation process and in documenting the results of verification activities. Additionally, INL the systems engineering capability helps customers prepare for and conduct the Technical and Management reviews through which most of the verification process occurs. These typically include:

  • System Requirements Review (SRR)
  • System Conceptual Design Review (SCDR)
  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR) or Title I (30%)
  • Critical Design Review (CDR) or Title II (90%)
  • Test Readiness Review (TRR)
  • Formal Qualification Review (FQR) or Acceptance Test Review (ATR)
  • Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)
  • Physical Configuration Audit (PCA)

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