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Idaho National Laboratory scientists and engineers are leading the nation in nuclear research and development, advanced vehicle testing, advanced energy systems for carbon life-cycle management, and design of the Next Generation Nuclear Plant. Here are just a few of our world-class experts.

Artificial intelligence: Derek Wadsworth designs intelligence systems for ground robots with varying levels of autonomy and missions including hazardous waste cleanup and urban search and rescue.

Carbon management and advanced energy systems: Richard Boardman oversees work supporting hybrid energy systems that could aid regional efforts to manage carbon emissions.

Carbon sequestration: Travis McLing explores technical and economic issues associated with carbon capture and geologic sequestration.

Cellulosic ethanol: Christopher Wright oversees research teams addressing engineering challenges of converting agricultural waste products to biofuels.

Coal-to-liquids: Richard Boardman oversees partnerships to improve energy efficiency of plants that make liquid fuels from coal.

Extremophiles: Bill Apel identifies and characterizes microbes living in extreme environments to evaluate their usefulness for industrial applications.

Fast reactors: Alexander Stanculescu oversees research and design of fast reactors that will create less waste by utilizing more of the radioactivity in nuclear fuel.

Liquid natural gas: Bruce Wilding oversees work on liquefied natural gas fueling stations and liquefying natural gas directly from pipelines for distribution to places without pipeline access.

High Temperature Gas Reactor: David Petti manages nuclear fuel and materials research. Phil Hildebrandt helps determine performance requirements for high temperature gas reactors and promotes public-private partnerships for the project.

Nuclear fuel separations: Terry Todd explores techniques for separating spent nuclear fuel to isolate dangerous, useful or medicinal isotopes.

Nuclear fuel testing: Jon Carmack investigates and analyzes new types of nuclear fuel to determine how irradiated fuels and materials behave on a microscopic scale.

Nuclear materials research collaborations: Frances Marshall oversees operation of the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility, which makes INL's one-of-a-kind research reactor available for select university and industry research projects.

Nuclear safety: Bruce Hallbert oversees INL risk, reliability and regulatory support programs for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other customers.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: Tim Murphy and Jim Francfort oversee advanced vehicle testing activity, including partnerships in several U.S. cities to test plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Research reactor conversion: John Dwight coordinates a program to enhance the safety and proliferation-resistance of campus research reactors by converting their fuel source to low-enriched uranium.

Space nuclear systems: Stephen Johnson directs this division, which builds nuclear power systems for NASA. Kelly Lively oversees radioisotope power systems and James Werner manages reactor technologies. Steven Howe directs the Center for Space Nuclear Research, which explores myriad space applications involving nuclear energy.

Wind energy: Tom Baldwin and Kurt Myers lead research and analysis concerning the potential of wind energy.


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