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Photo: TAN 616 TAN 616

To prove that remote, robotic systems could improve on this baseline, the RGL&IID was deployed in July, 2001, at Test Area North (TAN). TAN is located at the north end of the INL , about 27 miles northeast of the Central Facilities Area. TAN was established in the 1950s by the U.S. Air Force and Atomic Energy Commission Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program to support nuclear-powered aircraft research. Upon termination of this research, the area's facilities were converted to support a variety of other DOE research projects. TAN 616 was built in 1954 as a liquid waste treatment facility. As a result of treating thousands of gallons of liquid nuclear processing waste, there are various levels of contamination present in the facility.

Three rooms within TAN 616 were surveyed using the RGL&IID: the Operating Pump Room, the Control Room, and the Pump Room. All of these rooms are filled with process piping and equipment at various levels, which make a manual survey very difficult and time consuming to perform. The intent of this demonstration was to gather empirical data to assess the value of using a remote, robotic system. The metrics considered included reduction in cost, accelerated schedule, improvement in safety, and reliability of data.

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