Xian-Ming 'David' Bai



Idaho National Laboratory
Energy Frontier Research Center
PO Box 1625, MS 3560
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3560
Phone: 208-526-2496
FAX:   208-526-8076



Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, 2006, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, 2002, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

M.S. Materials Science, 2000, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

B.S. Materials Science, 1997, Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Research Background

Xian-Ming (David) Bai is a computational materials scientist in the Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation at Idaho National Laboratory since 2011. Upon receiving his Ph.D. degree at Georgia Institute of Technology , he worked at Northwestern University and Los Alamos National Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow. He has extensive experience in molecular dynamics, accelerated molecular dynamics, molecular statics, and particle dynamics methods. He has applied these methods to study radiation-induced damage and defect annealing near grain boundaries in metals and ceramics, helium bubble formation at metal grain boundaries, granular particle damping effects under vibration, solid-liquid phase transformation, and nucleation theory. He has published papers on well-respected journals such as Science and his research has been featured in many news media including The New York Times.


Selected publications:

X. M. Bai, A. F. Voter, R. G. Hoagland, M. Nastasi, and B. P. Uberuaga, “Efficient annealing of radiation damage near grain boundaries via interstitial emission”, Science, 327, 1631 (2010).

Featured in The New York Times, American Scientist, Materials Today (Elsevier), DOE Pulse (U.S. Department of Energy), R&D Magazine

X. M. Bai, B. Shah, L. M. Keer, Q. J. Wang, R. Q. Snurr, “Particle dynamics simulations of a piston-based particle damper”, Powder Technology, 189, 115 (2009).

X. M. Bai and M. Li, “Ring-diffusion mediated homogeneous melting in the superheating regime”, Physical Review B, 77, 134109 (2008).

 Featured in Physical Review Focus (American Physical Society)

X. M. Bai and M. Li, “Nucleation and melting from nanovoids”, Nano Letters, 6, 2284 (2006).

 X. M. Bai and M. Li, “Calculation of solid-liquid interfacial free energy: a classical nucleation theory based approach”, Journal of Chemical Physics, 124, 124707 (2006).