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10-677 NEUP Final Report 10-677 NEUP Final Report
Irradiation-Accelerated Corrosion of Reactor Core Materials
5/17/15 12:28 PM 5/17/15 12:28 PM Send Document Link
10-681 NEUP Final report 10-681 NEUP Final report
Novel Methods of Tritium Sequestration: High Temperature Gettering and Separation Membrane Materials...
5/17/15 12:28 PM 5/17/15 12:28 PM Send Document Link
10-848 NEUP Final Report 10-848 NEUP Final Report
Freeze-casting as a Novel Manufacturing Process for Fast Reactor Fuels Fuel Cycle R&D Dr. Ulrike G.K...
6/5/14 3:10 PM 6/5/14 3:10 PM Send Document Link
10-862 NEUP Final report 10-862 NEUP Final report
Three-Dimensional NDE of VHTR Core Components via Simulation-Based Testing
5/17/15 12:39 PM 5/17/15 12:39 PM Send Document Link
10-881 NEUP Final report 10-881 NEUP Final report
Advanced Aqueous Separation Systems for Actinide Partitioning
5/17/15 12:32 PM 5/17/15 12:32 PM Send Document Link
10-884 NEUP Final report 10-884 NEUP Final report
Development of a Scanning Microscale Fast Neutron Irradiation Platform for Examining the Correlation...
5/17/15 12:33 PM 5/17/15 12:33 PM Send Document Link
10-886 NEUP Final report 10-886 NEUP Final report
Development of an Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Technology for the Next-Generation Nuclear R...
5/17/15 12:42 PM 5/17/15 12:42 PM Send Document Link
10-889 NEUP Final report 10-889 NEUP Final report
Study of the Open Loop and Closed Loop Oscillator Techniques
5/17/15 12:34 PM 5/17/15 12:34 PM Send Document Link
10-905 NEUP Final Report 10-905 NEUP Final Report
Heat Transfer Salts for Nuclear Reactor Systems – Chemistry Control, Corrosion Mitigation, and Model...
5/17/15 12:44 PM 5/17/15 12:44 PM Send Document Link
10-906 NEUP Final Report 10-906 NEUP Final Report
Modeling Investigation of the Stability and Irradiation-Induced Evolution of Nanoscale Precipitates ...
5/17/15 12:47 PM 5/17/15 12:47 PM Send Document Link
10-911 NEUP Final Report 10-911 NEUP Final Report
Exploration and Modeling of Structural Changes in Waste Glass Under Corrosion Fuel Cycle R&D Dr. Car...
4/13/15 4:14 PM 4/13/15 4:14 PM Send Document Link
10-915 NEUP Final Report 10-915 NEUP Final Report
Development of a Innovative High Thermal Conductivity UO2 Ceramic Composites Fuel Pellets with Carbo...
5/17/15 12:49 PM 5/17/15 12:49 PM Send Document Link
10-918 NEUP Final Report 10-918 NEUP Final Report
Precursor Derived Nanostructured Si-C-X Materials for Nuclear Applications
5/17/15 2:18 PM 5/17/15 2:18 PM Send Document Link
10-928 NEUP Final Report 10-928 NEUP Final Report
Fuel Performance Experiments on the Atomistic Level, Studying Fuel Through Engineered Single Crystal...
5/17/15 12:50 PM 5/17/15 12:50 PM Send Document Link
10-930 NEUP Final Report 10-930 NEUP Final Report
Development and Validation of Multidimensional Models of Supercritical CO2 Energy Conversion Systems...
5/17/15 12:51 PM 5/17/15 12:51 PM Send Document Link
10-939 NEUP Final Report 10-939 NEUP Final Report
Predictive Maturity of Multi-Scale Simulation Models for Fuel Performance
5/17/15 12:52 PM 5/17/15 12:52 PM Send Document Link
10-951 NEUP Final Report 10-951 NEUP Final Report
Design, Testing and Modeling of the Direct Reactor Auxiliary Cooling System for AHTRs
5/17/15 12:52 PM 5/17/15 12:52 PM Send Document Link
10-961 NEUP Final Report 10-961 NEUP Final Report
Evaluation of Aluminum-Boron Carbide Neutron Absorbing Materials for Interim Storage of Used Nuclear...
5/17/15 12:53 PM 5/17/15 12:53 PM Send Document Link
10-963 NEUP Final Report 10-963 NEUP Final Report
Development of Barrier Layers for the Protection of Candidate Alloys in the VHTR
5/17/15 12:53 PM 5/17/15 12:53 PM Send Document Link
10-964 NEUP Final Report 10-964 NEUP Final Report
Methods and Tools to Allow Molecular Flow Simulations to be Coupled to Higher Level Continuum Descri...
5/17/15 12:57 PM 5/17/15 12:57 PM Send Document Link
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