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09-770 NEUP Final Report 09-770 NEUP Final Report
Accurate Development of Thermal Neutron Scattering Cross Section Libraries Reactor Concepts R&D Dr. ...
6/11/14 10:32 AM 6/11/14 10:32 AM Send Document Link
09-776 NEUP Final Report 09-776 NEUP Final Report
Mechanisms Governing the Creep Behavior of High Temperature Alloys for Generation IV Nuclear Energy ...
4/30/15 8:56 AM 4/30/15 8:56 AM Send Document Link
09-782 Final Report 09-782 Final Report
Computational Design of Advanced Nuclear Fuels Fuel Cycle R&D Dr. Sergey Savrasov University of Cali...
6/5/14 1:44 PM 6/10/14 2:20 PM Send Document Link
09-783 NEUP Final Report 09-783 NEUP Final Report
Improvements to Nuclear Data and Its Uncertainties by Theoretical Modeling Insert Fuel Cycle/Reactor...
9/18/14 11:07 AM 9/18/14 11:07 AM Send Document Link
09-784 NEUP Final Report 09-784 NEUP Final Report
Investigation of Countercurrent Helium-air Flows in Air-ingress Accidents for VHTRs Reactor Concepts...
3/31/14 4:21 PM 3/31/14 4:22 PM Send Document Link
09-789 NEUP Final Report 09-789 NEUP Final Report
Integral and Separate Effects Tests for Thermal Hydraulics Code Validation for Liquid-Salt Cooled Nu...
9/18/14 11:08 AM 9/18/14 11:08 AM Send Document Link
09-790 NEUP Final Report 09-790 NEUP Final Report
Neutron Damage and MAX Phase Ternary Compounds Integrated University Programs Dr. Michael Barsoum Dr...
6/30/14 12:12 PM 6/30/14 12:12 PM Send Document Link
09-794 NEUP Final Report 09-794 NEUP Final Report
Irradiation Creep in Graphite Reactor Concepts RD&D Dr. Rick Ubic Boise State University In collabor...
3/31/14 4:23 PM 3/31/14 4:23 PM Send Document Link
09-795 NEUP Final Report 09-795 NEUP Final Report
High-Fidelity Space-Time Adaptive Multiphysics Simulations in Nuclear Engineering Fuel Cycle R&D Dr....
6/5/14 1:46 PM 6/5/14 1:46 PM Send Document Link
09-796 NEUP Final Report 09-796 NEUP Final Report
Understanding Creep Mechanisms in Graphite with Experiments, Multiscale Simulations, and Modeling Re...
6/5/14 1:51 PM 6/5/14 1:51 PM Send Document Link
09-802 NEUP Final Report 09-802 NEUP Final Report
Improved Fission Neutron Data Base for Active Interrogation of Actinides Integrated University Progr...
3/31/14 4:24 PM 3/31/14 4:24 PM Send Document Link
09-804 NEUP Final Report 09-804 NEUP Final Report
Development of Subspace-Based Hybrid Monte Carlo-Deterministic Algorithms for Reactor Physics Calcul...
6/5/14 1:46 PM 6/5/14 1:46 PM Send Document Link
09-807 NEUP Final Report 1-28-2014 09-807 NEUP Final Report 1-28-2014
Verification of the CENTRM Module for Adaptation of the SCALE Code to NGNP Prismatic and PBR Core De...
1/28/14 4:56 PM 1/28/14 4:56 PM Send Document Link
09-808 NEUP Final Report 09-808 NEUP Final Report
A Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Network for Online 3-D Temperature and Neutron Fluence Mapping in a...
5/14/14 10:13 AM 5/14/14 10:13 AM Send Document Link
09-808 NEUP Final Report FINAL 09-808 NEUP Final Report FINAL
A Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Network for Online 3-D Temperature and Neutron Fluence Mapping in a...
9/11/14 11:49 AM 9/11/14 11:50 AM Send Document Link
09-810 NEUP Final Report 09-810 NEUP Final Report
Experimental Study and Computational Simulations of Key Pebble Bed Thermo-mechanics Issues for Desig...
9/11/14 11:50 AM 9/11/14 11:50 AM Send Document Link
09-813 NEUP Final Report 09-813 NEUP Final Report
TRISO-Coated Fuel Durability Under Extreme Conditions Reactor Concepts R&D Dr. Ivar Reimanis Colorad...
6/5/14 1:47 PM 6/5/14 1:47 PM Send Document Link
09-816 NEUP Final Report 09-816 NEUP Final Report
Fuel Performance Experiments and Modeling: Fission Gas Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Alloy Nuclear...
6/2/14 4:00 PM 6/2/14 4:00 PM Send Document Link
09-817 NEUP Final Report 09-817 NEUP Final Report
CFD Model Development and Validation for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Cavity Cooling System (...
9/11/14 11:50 AM 9/11/14 11:50 AM Send Document Link
09-819 NEUP Final Report 09-819 NEUP Final Report
Project No. 09-819 Testing of Performance of Optical Fibers Under Irradiation in Intense Radiation F...
9/18/14 11:09 AM 9/18/14 11:09 AM Send Document Link
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