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Bio pic: Marat Khafizov Bio pic: Marat Khafizov
7/9/10 3:19 PM 7/9/10 3:19 PM Send Document Link
EFRC Summer School Flyer EFRC Summer School Flyer
Summer School: Summer School: Atomic Atomic--level Response of Materials to Irradiation level Respon...
4/15/10 11:21 AM 4/15/10 11:21 AM Send Document Link
EFRC two page summary EFRC two page summary
A two page summary of the EFRC
1/7/10 4:08 PM 1/12/10 3:07 PM Send Document Link
Florida State University Anter El-Azab Presentation Florida State University Anter El-Azab Presentation
Sponsored by the Energy Frontier Research Center for Materials Science of Nuclear Fuel Microstructur...
8/10/10 10:59 AM 8/10/10 10:59 AM Send Document Link
mcinnes-scidac-e-overview-aug2010.pdf mcinnes-scidac-e-overview-aug2010.pdf
Large-Scale Differential Variational Inequalities for Heterogeneous Materials: An introduction to a ...
9/3/10 2:14 PM 9/3/10 2:14 PM Send Document Link
Microsoft PowerPoint - INL_Seminar_August19_2010 Microsoft PowerPoint - INL_Seminar_August19_2010
August 19, 2010 Idaho National Laboratory 1 Microstructural Stability in Irradiated Materials Phase ...
9/3/10 2:13 PM 9/3/10 2:13 PM Send Document Link
Postdocs Postdocs
4/22/10 2:43 PM 4/22/10 2:43 PM Send Document Link
TonksMillett.pdf TonksMillett.pdf A Finite Element-Based Phase Field Model INL: Michael Tonks, Paul Millett, Derek Gaston ...
9/3/10 2:15 PM 9/3/10 2:15 PM Send Document Link
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