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1 Teri Ehresman Presentation 1 Teri Ehresman Presentation Idaho National Laboratory An Overview Historical Perspective Historical Perspective Hist...
7/21/10 2:47 PM 7/21/10 2:47 PM Send Document Link
10 shropshire dept overview 10 shropshire dept overview
ISU Physics: Overview Steve Shropshire Department of Physics Idaho State University Slides prepared ...
7/21/10 3:02 PM 7/21/10 3:02 PM Send Document Link
11 are we scaring outselves 11 are we scaring outselves
Are We Scaring Ourselves To Death? by Robert L. Skinner Drinking Water • Can I Drink It? Water well ...
7/21/10 3:05 PM 7/21/10 3:05 PM Send Document Link
12 everything you wanted to know 12 everything you wanted to know
Everything You Wanted To Know About Radiation But You Just Never Knew Who To Ask By Robert L. Skinne...
7/21/10 3:05 PM 7/21/10 3:05 PM Send Document Link
13 INL workshop 13 INL workshop
Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Oh My! Energy Education Tools “Education is the most powerful weapon which yo...
7/21/10 3:07 PM 7/21/10 3:07 PM Send Document Link
14 David Petti Presentation 14 David Petti Presentation Very High Temperature Gas Reactor (VHTR) Technology Dr. David Petti Director Very High T...
7/21/10 3:09 PM 7/21/10 3:10 PM Send Document Link
15 Harold McFarlane presentation 15 Harold McFarlane presentation Nuclear Energy in 15 Minutes Harold McFarlane Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for N...
7/21/10 3:10 PM 7/21/10 3:10 PM Send Document Link
17 Fred Gunnerson Presentation 17 Fred Gunnerson Presentation
Nuclear Energy “What Every High School Student Should Know” Plus: The Secrets of Success Fred Gunner...
7/21/10 3:14 PM 7/21/10 3:14 PM Send Document Link
2 Phils final 2 Phils final
Radioactive Waste Radioactive Waste Management g ov Philip D Wheatley w ww.inl. g Philip D . Wheatle...
7/21/10 2:36 PM 7/21/10 2:36 PM Send Document Link
3 Steve Herring Presentation 3 Steve Herring Presentation
Nuclear Physics – Nuclear Physics – Projects, Accomplishments, Ideas for St dent Research Ideas for ...
7/21/10 2:37 PM 7/21/10 2:37 PM Send Document Link
4 Phillip Finck Presentation 4 Phillip Finck Presentation
Fuel Cycle Research and Development Science Based Fuel Cycle Research and Development Phillip Finck ...
7/21/10 2:40 PM 7/21/10 2:40 PM Send Document Link
5 Jim Werner Presentation 5 Jim Werner Presentation Powering Space Exploration James Werner Space Nuclear Systems & Technology Division July...
7/21/10 2:42 PM 7/21/10 2:42 PM Send Document Link
6 Hollie Gilbert Presentaiton 6 Hollie Gilbert Presentaiton
July 14, 2010 Hollie K. Gilbert Historical Archaeologist INL Open-Air Museum Early Prehistoric Techn...
7/21/10 2:43 PM 7/21/10 2:43 PM Send Document Link
7 Todd Allen Presentation 7 Todd Allen Presentation
Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility Todd Allen, Ph.D. Scientific Director, ATR N...
7/21/10 2:44 PM 7/21/10 2:44 PM Send Document Link
8 tim leahy presentation 8 tim leahy presentation
Ge n e r at io n I V Ge e at o Nuclear Energy Systems Tim Leahy J l 2010 J u ly 2010 Life Cycle Gree...
7/21/10 2:46 PM 7/21/10 2:46 PM Send Document Link
9 shropshire_AIP physics info 9 shropshire_AIP physics info
SEARCH AIP CAREERS IN PHYSICS Physics offers challenging, exciting, and productiv e careers. As a ca...
7/21/10 3:01 PM 7/21/10 3:01 PM Send Document Link
Gary Seifert Presentation Gary Seifert Presentation July, 2010 Gary Seifert Biofuels and Renewable Energy Technology INL Renewable Energy Ac...
7/21/10 3:13 PM 7/21/10 3:13 PM Send Document Link
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