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When you are offered employment, you will receive a questionnaire from the INL Human Resources & Diversity (HR&D) department that identifies the information needed to draft an I-129 petition for an H-1B employment visa. Upon your acceptance of the appointment, the HR&D Immigration Coordinator will contact you as we process your petition.

While in the U.S., you must monitor your immigration status carefully. It is in your very best interest to remain totally and continually cognizant of your status and to monitor progress being made on any changes to or extensions of that status.

Extensions of your H-1B visa need to be started six months before the end date of your current H-1B visa. Work with the HR&D Immigration Coordinator (contact information below) in order to have the I-129 filed in a timely manner. 


Your spouse (wife or husband) who may not be working outside the home, and your dependent children may often be faced with an experience quite different from yours. Your work will usually keep you quite busy and away from home all day. This can be a lonely, isolating experience for the accompanying spouse and can be a difficult situation for everyone. This situation can be improved if your spouse is able to participate in activities on his or her own. Even if your spouse is not able to work, a number of possible activities and organizations are available in Idaho Falls. Volunteering or joining a club or organization is a wonderful way to become involved in the town’s activities. You can learn more about local organizations, activities and churches at the Idaho Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau (at 630 W. Broadway). If you have school-aged children, your spouse may ask about volunteering in your child’s classroom or in the school library.

Spouses holding an H-4 visa cannot earn money while in the U.S.  In order to work, they need to be under their own H-1B visa.

All children in dependent visa status are allowed to attend K-12 school.  A child must apply for his/her own visa status (i.e., F-1) after turning 21 years of age.


Foreign nationals do not receive clearances. This means you will not be allowed to enter specific areas at INL even if your group is in a "restricted area" or "behind the fence." If paperwork is properly submitted, you can be escorted to meetings and other events in restricted areas. You also will not be allowed access to any sensitive information.   Questions regarding clearances should be directed to Sam Tomchak from Foreign Visits & Assignments.

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Page Contact Information:

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