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Postdoctoral Research Appointee

The goal of Idaho National Laboratory's Postdoctoral Research Associate Program is to develop postdoctoral researchers that support the establishment of INL as the pre-eminent nuclear energy laboratory and as a leader in the development of unique national and homeland security capabilities and sustainable energy systems. In general, these appointments are reserved for individuals that have recently received their qualifying doctorate degree. Postdoctoral research associates are provided a mentored research experience and the highest quality of training to prepare the program participant for transition to research independence.


Selected through a competitive bid process, INL postdoctoral research associates complete a one- to three-year research experience that supports INL's science-based, applied engineering missions in nuclear and energy research, science and national defense. As a result, INL postdoctoral research appointees contribute to national priorities for the U.S. Department of Energy's missions in nuclear and energy research, science and national defense.


BEA offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to postdoctoral research associates. It is designed to provide quality services to employees and their families.


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Postdoctoral Research Opportunities


Job Title: Generic Postdoctoral Research Associate Program Posting
Job ID: 7730
Closes: 9/30/2014

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