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Joint Appointments Program

The Joint Appointments (JA) Program at INL enhances research collaboration between the laboratory and university staff by enabling INL to provide access to employees and resources with universities. Joint Appointees develop or conduct research and development at both the home and host institutions. Through the program, lab employees may teach courses and conduct research at partner universities or professors can work with INL on specific projects. Within a joint appointment agreement, typically both INL and the university participate in the cost of the joint appointment. 

There are two types of Joint Appointment opportunities: 

  1. A university employee is requested to work on site at the INL (University Appointee to INL)
  2. An INL employee is requested to work at a University (INL Appointee to University)

Program Requirements

If your project fits within the Joint Appointment Program, consider the following guidelines for joint appointments. A joint appointment should:

    • Actively engage and align universities with the INL Research and Development mission and strategic objectives.
    • Bring recognized, meaningful and productive engagement of university capabilities to bear on the broader spectrum of INL research and development activities.
    • Enhance research knowledge and capabilities. Bring recognition, stature and status to individuals within participating organizations.
    • Extend the external visibility and recognition of the INL Joint Appointment Program to the relevant research communities.
    • Provide for joint INL and university participation in proposals that might otherwise exclude the involvement of federally funded research and development centers as lead applicants.


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