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Job Description: Scorekeeper

When you arrive, go to the information table and check in. The only equipment you will need is a chalkboard, chalk and eraser and/or marking pen for the whiteboard. Each of these items will be found in the rooms.

The primary duty of the scorekeeper is to accurately award points to the teams during the competition. Scores will be displayed on a blackboard, white board or a tablet/easel, and should be located so that the quizmaster, judge, timekeeper and both teams can view it.

It is best to keep a running score so that if necessary, the scoring can be checked for accuracy. Ten points are awarded for each correct toss-up question, five points for each correct bonus question, and five points for each Lightning Round question.

However, should a player be the first to buzz-in on a toss-up question and answer incorrectly, his or her team loses five points and the opposing team gets a chance to answer the same question at no loss of points.

When scoring the Lightning Round, it is more accurate to list a mark for each answer until the minute is over and then multiply by five for the total points.

Scoring example:

(correct toss-up) +10
(correct bonus)  +5


(correct toss-up) +10
(no bonus points) +0


(missed 1st toss-up)  -5


(9 lightning round @5 pts) +45


(correct toss-up) +10


It is very important that you listen intently to make sure that the questions asked are toss-up or bonus questions. It is also important in order to know if the answers are correct or incorrect. If hearing is a problem, or if the quizmaster is not communicating sufficiently, whether it be verbally or physically, bring it to the quizmaster’s attention immediately, so necessary corrections can be made.

If there are questions or problems, do not hesitate to ask the timekeeper to stop the match in order to verify your score.

Correct toss-up question: 10
Correct bonus question:  5
Correct Lightning Round question:  5
Incorrect toss-up question (first team only) -5

Scoring disputes that are not able to be settled by the coaches and/or scorekeeper, will be turned over to the judge for a final decision.


Science Bowl Contacts:

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Brenda Greenhalgh, 208-526-9399 Send Email

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