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K-12 STEM Grants


Idaho National Laboratory is committed to increasing the number of students pursuing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. The lab does this by supporting the Idaho STEM initiative or i-STEM and also funding grants to enhance K-12 classrooms.

Grant applications are accepted during specific times throughout the year. Please check this website for grant information.

Mini Grants

The INL Mini Grant Program provides teachers with up to $500 for technology, laboratory equipment or materials for special projects that enhance STEM instruction.

To apply, fill out the following forms and submit them to Brenda Greenhalgh (Brenda.Greenhalgh@inl.gov).

Classroom Makeover Grants

The INL Extreme Classroom Makeover Grant Program provides schools with up to $5,000 to upgrade science laboratories or transform classrooms into modern STEM learning environments.  To apply, fill out the following forms and submit them to Brenda Greenhalgh (Brenda.Greenhalgh@inl.gov).

Informal Science Grant

The INL Informal STEM Grant Program funds experiences beyond the traditional classroom and teacher-directed lessons, including museum and exploratorium visits, field trips, club sponsorship, camps or guest speakers. 

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