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INL Graduate Internships


Graduate internships are awarded to qualified master's and doctoral degree candidates in science, mathematics, engineering and technology or other areas that support INL.


Graduate internships can last from eight weeks to three years and may be awarded any time through the year.


Graduate pay varies depending on whether the internship is based at a college or university or at INL. Campus-based internships may be subject to university stipend standards. If the internship is based at INL, graduate interns earn $16.00 -$23.00 per hour.


Wages can be adjusted to part-time, 20 hours or less, during the academic year if a student is enrolled in school full-time. Students are encouraged to seek academic credit at their home institution for their internship. If a student completes his or her master's degree and is accepted into a doctoral program, the student must provide proof of acceptance to the INL Education Programs administrator.

 If a student receives a master's degree the semester before placement on an internship and is not entering a Ph.D. program, the student may receive a summer internship up to a maximum 16 weeks.

Interns may receive a housing stipend based on mentor approval (determined by permanent residence if greater than 50-mile radius of Idaho Falls). Must meet eligibility of housing agreement and Federal Travel Regulations (FTR).


Interns may be reimbursed for one round trip to Idaho Falls based on mentor approval, program requirements and federal government travel regulations. Distance traveled one way must be greater than 50-mile radius of Idaho Falls. If driving a personal vehicle, students will receive reimbursement for mileage, per diem and lodging along the way.


NOTE: Reimbursement for rental cars, mileage or gasoline between your internship residence and INL facilities, or motel/hotel reimbursement incurred after arrival in Idaho Falls or your final destination is unallowable.


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