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Technology-Based Economic Development

Idaho National Laboratory (INL), on behalf of corporate funds provided by Battelle Energy Alliance, funds philanthropic projects aimed at spurring economic development, technology based economic development (TBED), entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Projects that focus on connecting industry partners, universities, new business startups and economic development organizations in an effort to drive job growth and innovation in the region are at the top of the list to fund.

INL's TBED charitable donation process is conducted on an annual basis. To apply for donations for fiscal year 2014 (Oct 1, 2013-Sept 30, 2014), please submit your request by Sept. 15, 2013. Use the 2014 INL TBED Donation Request Form.

Eligibility criteria: Organizations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit entities. A copy of the IRS tax-exempt letter must accompany the form. INL charitable donation program does not fund political or religious organizations, emergency response funding, courtesy advertisements, athletic programs or events, individuals, contests or extracurricular school activities.

INL is a valuable technology-based economic development resource for Idaho as well as the Nation. INL’s Technology Partnerships organization works through existing local, regional, state and national groups to establish a strong climate for technology-based economic development. Available funds are leveraged by challenging other groups to match contributions for the start of technology-based projects.

This funding does not include requests for K-12 education donations. For further information on educational funding requests, contact Brenda Greenhalgh at brenda.grenhalgh@inl.gov.

Years of corporate investments and in-kind government services ranging from intellectual and physical property transfer to technology assistance have done much to assist businesses and the communities in which they reside. Specifically, INL technology-based economic development efforts include:

  • Providing assistance for technology-based start up companies.  Such assistance might include help in the development of business plans, provision of training on   strategic planning or related business needs, or highly specialized and not –otherwise-available technical assistance.
  • Participating/coordinating meetings with local/state/regional economic development or technology development organizations to identify opportunities and resources.
  • Contributing to science/technology economic development planning at local/state/regional levels.
  • Providing services to technology-based incubators and/or science and technology
  • Supporting or sponsoring seed/venture capital activities and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Tech Transfer Program (STTR) workshops and conferences.
  • Sponsoring or participating in business networking activities.
  • Hosting an MBA internship program that uses MBA students to assist startups.
  • Providing hands-on educational opportunities for Idaho college and university students through market feasibility activities on INL developed ideas and technologies.

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