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Technology Partnership Ombudsman

INL is committed to working with outside organizations to establish partnerships that result in the widespread utilization of INL capabilities and technologies. Successful INL partnerships require effective, hospitable, and mutually beneficial relationships with external stakeholders. Achieving success involves reconciling the objectives and interests of the parties and resolving issues and concerns that may arise in the process. The Technology Deployment Office (TD) is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective partnerships for INL and works hard to be fair to all stakeholders while maximizing the impacts of our partnerships. Occasionally, however, TD is unable to accommodate all of the needs of stakeholders, particularly when multiple parties are involved.

Outside organizations that have concerns or complaints about their interactions with TD can contact the INL Technology Partnership Ombudsman to seek resolution of their concerns. The director of INL's Office of Professional Responsibilities serves in the Ombudsman function as a neutral party responsible for understanding and addressing these concerns. The Ombudsman is not involved in any day-to-day functions of the TD organization and will seek resolution of complaints or disputes regarding partnerships, patents, and technology licensing. The Ombudsman is not empowered to dictate changes to TD management decisions but tries to understand the positions of all parties and, if possible, identify options that may satisfy all concerned. If the Ombudsman concludes that the outside party has not been treated in accordance with INL values or established procedures, the Ombudsman will consult with INL senior management who will determine whether further action is needed to maintain INL values and integrity.

Working with the Ombudsman does not guarantee that the outside organization's position will be adopted by INL, nor does it impact the rights or any other avenues of redress the outside organization may have.

Mr. Mike Derbidge is the INL Technology Partnership Ombudsman. He can be contacted by e-mail at Michael.Derbidge@inl.gov or by telephone at 208-526-7711.

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