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Available INL Technologies

Licensing technologies allows a business to reproduce, manufacture, sell, or use INL-developed or owned intellectual property. INL contractor-owned inventions are available for licensing and commercialization by U.S. and foreign companies and organizations. INL licenses intellectual property on much of the same terms as universities, other research organizations and industrial firms.

Various licensing terms may be negotiated, including both exclusive and non-exclusive license grants. Royalties are comparable to those charged by universities, other research organizations and the private sector and fees will vary depending on the number of patents licensed, the demand for the technology and the exclusivity of the license.

INL has numerous technologies available for licensing to meet a variety of industrial needs. INL's technology portfolios are organized by industrial area and are managed by commercialization managers with experience in these industries. Technologies listed in each portfolio change as new technologies become available and as licensing occurs.

If you are interested in licensing an INL technology, please contact the commercialization manager listed with the technology. They will assist you in creating the business partnership needed to successfully commercialize the technology.

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