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System Synthesis. Integration, and Control

System synthesis, integration, and control requires creativity and a broad vision of the big picture of the system to be able to select the best of all the alternatives and functional analyses to produce the better synthesized detailed system. One key is the traceability of new baseline derived requirements to system requirements, with complete rationale for the decisions reached in producing this synthesis captured under document control. The INL Systems Engineering capability focuses on the successful the following project activities:

  • Developing the system physical architecture
    • A representation of the envisioned actual hardware/software/operational components to address the functional decomposition/analysis and trades results
  • Simulation and modeling of system components
    • A means to validate the synthesized detailed system design before actually building it
    • Expensive and time consuming, but if it points out a fatal flaw, worth 10-100 times more than it cost
  • Establishing system and sub-system interfaces
    • The process of defining the required data, resources, materials, etc., that need to flow across system or sub-system boundaries for the system to work
    • The process of negotiating agreements that supply the needed access or resources
  • Documenting and controlling the next phase baseline

Contact Information:
  • Bob Caliva, Defense and Energy Systems
    (208) 526-4653 robert.caliva@inl.gov
  • John Collins, Nuclear and Environmental Systems
    (208) 526-3372 john.collins@inl.gov
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