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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is a holistic engineering discipline that provides systems analysis, systems integration, decision analysis, and systems science products and expertise to help government and private industry customers develop successful solutions to complex challenges.

These interdisciplinary methodologies focus on defining and documenting customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, and then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation activities while considering the complete problem.

Systems Engineering considers both the business and the technical needs of all customers with the goal of providing a quality product that meets the user's needs on time and within established budgets.

Systems engineers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) use proven and emerging systematic approaches to provide the customer with reliable, quality products and services.  INL Systems Engineering principles and techniques have been successfully applied to a wide variety of operational, programmatic, and research problems. 

Systems Engineering Fact Sheet

Does your project experience any of the following concerns:

  • Upcoming milestones can't be missed.
  • The complexity is driving me nuts.
  • My project might overrun its budget.
  • They change the requirements every time I turn around.
  • My team is working like crazy, but it's not clear where we're headed.
  • We've got to start working smarter, not just harder.
  • I need to know if this is the best path forward.
  • There must be a better way to plan, make decisions, anticipate problems, inspire, report, etc.
  • How can I tap the incredible talent of this diverse team?

If so, please contact any of the individuals listed below to find out how Systems Engineering can help you succeed.

Contact Information:
  • Ron Klingler, Manager
    (208) 526-0183 ron.klingler@inl.gov
  • Lori Braase, Project and Team Integration
    (208) 526-7763 lori.braase@inl.gov
  • Bob Caliva, Defense and Energy Systems
    (208) 526-4653 robert.caliva@inl.gov
  • John Collins, Nuclear and Environmental Systems
    (208) 526-3372 john.collins@inl.gov
Principles and Techniques

Principles and Techniques

INL Systems Engineering has supported numerous projects at both INL and other DOE sites.

Integrating Complex Systems

Solutions for Complex Challenges

The INL Systems Engineering group has over 500 years of combined experience applying systems analysis and integration principles.

Facilitation and Consultation

Facilitation and Consultation

INL Systems engineers are skilled in the various key elements of developing defensible decisions.

Department of energy

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
DOE-Idaho Office