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Requirements Identification, Analysis, and Management

Requirements Identification, Analysis, and Management adds detail and rigor to the Mission Analysis output by:

  • Refining the initial customer input into formal Customer Requirements
  • Identifying any additional requirement sources
    • Facilities 
    • Management
    • Government 
    • Company Procedures
  • Grounding any assumptions or assertions
  • Removing or redefining conflicting requirements
  • Adding measures and specifics
  • Establishing system technical requirements

The resulting Requirements Baseline is typically documented in a Systems Requirements Document.  This document can be as informal as an e-mail or as formal as a published manuscript derived from a detailed database.  INL Systems Engineers maintain a DOORS requirements analysis and management database capability that is currently being successfully used on a number of DOE and non-DOE projects.

Contact Information:
  • Bob Caliva, Defense and Energy Systems
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  • John Collins, Nuclear and Environmental Systems
    (208) 526-3372 john.collins@inl.gov
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