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Results-Driven Meeting Design and Facilitation

Decision-making is often the result of large, complex meetings. As a result of growing demands for cross-organizational involvement and increasing complexity of issues, the need for decision-making in large meetings has become necessary. To organize and manage these meetings effectively, the INL provides highly skilled facilitators. This result is optimum meeting output, especially one designed to make a technical decision.

Facilitation can be defined as the consultation, design, and management of a process to meet the goals of a customer or a group.

  • Benefits of Facilitation - There are benefits to facilitation of decision making and consensus-building meetings (especially with large groups of people). A facilitator is someone that can design and run a systematic meeting process, encourages people to work together effectively, and does not have a stake in the outcome of the discussions. Additional benefits include:
    • The facilitator runs the meeting (process), which allows the team leader to contribute valuable input as a meeting participant.
    • The facilitator is objective. Participation is actively encouraged and decisions are owned by the group.
    • The facilitator uses various group process tools and techniques to support the group accomplishment of the meeting objectives.
  • Types of Meetings - There are many types of meetings that could be more productive through facilitation.
    • Project / strategic planning
    • Decision making / problem solving
    • Alternative analysis
    • Information exchange
    • Creative thinking and generating ideas (brainstorming)
    • Building relationships and commitment
    • Risk Management
    • Stakeholder Communications Collaboration

Contact Information:
  • Lori Braase, Project and Team Integration
    (208) 526-7763 lori.braase@inl.gov
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