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Integrating Complex Systems

Systems Analysis and Integration integrates Systems Engineering resources, disciplines, and specialty groups into a team effort to help solve complex science and engineering challenges. The INL Systems Engineering group has over 500 years of combined experience applying systems analysis and integration principles in Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Aeronautical and Space Administration, and Private Sector efforts.

System Modeling and Simulation
Modeling and simulation activities can reduce project costs, improve process efficiency, and provide safe mechanisms and environments for experimentation and system development.  INL systems engineers create such models and run system simulations to achieve efficient and effective solutions. 

Risk Mitigation and Management
Risk mitigation and management are fundamental steps to maximizing the efficiency of risk management in any project.  INL systems engineers provide the methods and tools needed to support risk-based decision making, thus yielding better overall risk management. 

Economic / Marketing Analysis and Modeling
Economic Analysis considers the benefits related to supplies and demands and the interrelated issues of production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services.  INL systems engineers provide the methods and tools to analyze these economic factors and yield optimized solutions.

Programmatic and Technology Roadmapping
The INL's advanced technology roadmapping process stands at the forefront of this emerging methodology and provides a means for projects to measure the relative merit of technologies, accelerate application of new technologies, minimize project costs and schedules, facilitate informed decision-making, and provide a defensible argument for acquisition and/or development choices.

The research arm of Systems Engineering provides new analysis and integration knowledge through scientific theories and methods that support advanced decision-making, engineering, and science. INL systems engineers use cutting-edge thinking, formal scientific methods, and emerging theories in the science of systems to solve complex systemic problems.

Contact Information:
  • Bob Caliva, Defense and Energy Systems
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  • John Collins, Nuclear and Environmental Systems
    (208) 526-3372 john.collins@inl.gov
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