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Facilitation and Consultation Services

Systems engineers in the INL Facilitation and Consultation Services (FACS) group integrate the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to help customers make logical, traceable, and defensible decisions.  The FACS group uses highly trained and experienced facilitators in the application of organized, interdisciplinary approaches to solve a variety of operational, organizational, programmatic, and research problems and to provide customers with reliable, quality products, processes, and services at the lowest possible cost. 

INL systems engineers are skilled in the various key elements of developing defensible decisions, including:

Results-Driven Meeting Design and Facilitation
Decision-making is often the result of various forms of complex group interaction.  Highly skilled facilitators and consultants at the INL provide a tailored approach to meeting diverse customer needs.  This results in optimum output to support technical and programmatic decision making.

Value Engineering
INL Value Engineering employs proven, systematic processes and techniques to help multidisciplinary teams achieve the essential functions of a project, product, process, system, design, or service at the lowest life-cycle cost while remaining consistent with required performance, reliability, availability, quality, and safety.

Computer-aided Decision Support
As part of its informed decision making and analysis capability, the FACS group offers electronic meeting support using structured group intelligence technology to help teams achieve remarkable group collaboration and enhance organizational brainstorming and decision-making.

Facilitation and Consultation Services Fact Sheet

Contact Information:
  • Lori Braase, Project and Team Integration
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