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Computer-aided Decision Support

As part of its informed decision making and analysis capability, INL Systems Engineering provides electronic meeting support using structured group intelligence technology to help teams achieve remarkable group collaboration and enhance organizational brainstorming and decision-making.  The electronic decision analysis capability, produced and marketed by GroupSystems, Inc, is hosted on a stand-alone or web-based server and accessed through satellite computer terminals.

  • Improved Meeting Efficiency - When used in close support of one of the INL's trained facilitators, GroupSystems can improve the content and product of a meeting by allowing meeting participants to simultaneously input ideas and comments into a shared database, sort and categorize those ideas into common areas of emphasis, rate the relative importance or value of those ideas through multi-voting and other analysis capabilities, and further develop those ideas into a viable path forward. The electronic meeting technology also encourages equal participation and focuses the meeting on the subject matter content, not participant personalities, through the use of anonymous participation. Research shows that electronic meetings help organizations think better, create better, and decide better by engaging and empowering organizational resources through the use of "Group Intelligence" technology. Using the INL GroupSystems capability, meeting objectives can be reached in about half the time by parallel and simultaneous communication, and with richer and more detailed content than can be achieved through traditional meeting methods.
  • GroupSystems Capabilities - The INL's electronic meeting system has the capability for brainstorming, categorizing, organizing, and commenting on ideas to various levels of detail, and creating detailed document outlines. It also has an extensive capability for idea reduction, selection, or alternative analysis using several "voting" methods, including rank order; 4-, 5-, and 10-point scaling; multiple selection ranking; and agree/disagree statements. Reduction / selection results are immediately available for discussion by participants, thus allowing real-time clarification and correction of results. The system can also be used to create customized surveys to assess participants attitudes and accumulate detailed information prior to or during a meeting.
  • Proven Applications - The INL's electronic meeting system has been used successfully to support mission development and requirements identification, research gap analysis, project alternative analysis, brainstorming of innovative problem solutions, and document review and revision.

Computer-Aided Decision Support Fact Sheet

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