About Sustainable INL

INL recognizes the balance necessary across the three pillars of sustainability (environment, social and economic) and strives to increase its overall sustainability. This is stated in its Sustainability Policy, endorsed by the Leadership Management Team. As sustainability becomes a strategic item, the first steps include establishing the Sustainable Advisory Group and approving a charter.

Sustainability applies to INL across the entire spectrum of its missions, facilities and operational activities.

Some further examples of how INL incorporates sustainability:

  • At the Materials & Fuels Complex, INL has undertaken the $33 million Energy Savings Performance Contract to upgrade its infrastructure in ways that will increase our reliance on renewable energy, including hydropower and solar, while reducing our dependence on nonrenewable petroleum-based fuels.
  • Use of bio-based components in our passenger bus fleet (B-20, which is 20 percent biodiesel) and in our GSA-provided light-duty vehicles (E-85, which is 85 percent ethanol) also moves us toward greater sustainability and less reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels. Likewise, using smaller vehicles as appropriate in our INL shuttle service saves both energy and money.
  • The new $48 million Research & Education Laboratory recently announced for Idaho Falls will be built to the highest standards of sustainability – earning the prestigious Gold designation in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.
  • Recycling of paper, plastic, metals and other materials is increasing sitewide.
  • Reduced use of hazardous chemicals and materials and increased use of less hazardous alternatives in our processes and operations.
  • Employees continue to participate in and support the Team INL initiative, donating thousands of hours volunteering within the community, all in an effort to ensure social sustainability.

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