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Supplier Registration

Idaho National Laboratory
Supplier Registration
Welcome to the Idaho National Laboratory's Supplier Registration system. Please take a moment to complete the sections of this form. You are welcome to send your line card to small.business@inl.gov
1.0 Company Information
Mailing Address*
City* State*
Postal Code* Phone*
Active CCR Profile
Type of Business*
2.0 Primary Contact
Name* Title*
Phone* Email*
3.0 Alternate Contact
Name Title
Phone Email
4.0 North American Industry Classification
Primary NAICS
Additional NAICS
5.0 Commodities and Services
The following contains broad categories of the types of materials and services the INL buys. This is not an all-inclusive list and is subject to change.
If you are providing Construction services continue 6.0 otherwise skip to 7.0
6.0 Safety and Health Data
Person Responsible for Safety and Health Program
Do you have a formal Safety Program?
Can you provide a copy of the Safety Program?
Parent Company
Is the Offeror a subsidiary of another company?
If yes, list parent company name, address, contact person, phone number.
Parent Company
Parent Address
Parent Contact Parent Phone
Worker's Compensation Insurance Carrier:
WCI Carrier
WCI Address
WCI Contact WCI Phone
Number of Employees
If you answered '11 or more' complete the OSHA Information, otherwise skip to 6.0
OSHA Information
Have you had a completed OSHA Inspection?
If yes, provide any penalty findings.
Penalty Date Penalty Type Penalty
7.0 Additional Services and Capabilities
Specialized Services
8.0 Agreements
I understand that registering with INL does not guarantee me any contracts or requests for proposal or quotes.

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