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INL Amenities

  • Regular bus service is available to and from the INL desert Site, originating from local communities.  Bus shuttles and taxi service connect INL facilities throughout the day.
  • Throughout the workweek, INL offers a variety of lectures, seminars and presentations covering scientific, technical, safety and research topics.
  • The lab encourages academic achievement by assisting employees in advancing their educations. A center for higher education - located conveniently near INL facilities in Idaho Falls - offers academic courses from three institutions.
  • The INL Research Library - a robust information resource center - offers subject-focused collections in multiple locations as well as access to electronic databases, books and journals to aid science and engineering research.
  • Food and cafeteria services are available at major INL facilities, including in-town and desert Site locations.
  • Onsite facilities offer an array of medical and employee counseling services.
  • Fitness equipment is availabe in several desert Site facilities.
  • ATMs are conveniently located at several INL facilities, both in-town and at the desert Site.
  • INL observes a work curtailment of all nonessential operations every year between the Christmas and New Year's holidays.
  • With a strong emphasis on safe behavior and environmental stewardship, INL has initiated a comprehensive recycling program.
  • Through employee-driven initiatives, volunteers from INL help with community service projects and provide assistance to financially needy employees.
  • The INL Employees Association offers merchant discounts, INL logo items and recreational outings for member employees and their families.
  • The electronic Trading Post allows employees to buy and sell their unneeded items to co-workers.


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